Release: June 30, 2020 - Multiple API keys

Today, we have launched a new functionality to allow you to have multiple API keys in the same account, keep a memo for each key as well as delete API keys.  This will allow you to regenerate an API key any time. We published step-by-step instructions how to re-generate your API keys here.


announcement Multiple API key support has been added.

Release: June 25, 2020 - Company Details API Endpoint

After the last release which introduced Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), the implementation has been improved with this release. Also, a new API endpoint has been added which returns details about companies.


announcement A new API endpoint has been added. As a first step the endpoint returns the name of the company. Further information about the company will be added.


improvement The homepage now also displays the latest blog posts.

announcement A new query language is currently being developed. This language allows easier access to our data. We are looking for curious people who want to take part in a prerelease test and give us feedback on this feature. If you are interested please contact support.


improvement The Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) implementation has been improved by e.g., adding the possibility to bypass 2FA checks at login for 30 days.

Release: June 11, 2020 - Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

After many customer requests Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) has been a focus of this release. We are happy to announce that 2FA is available to all our customers. Currently we support TOTP (e.g., Google Authenticator) as the second factor.


announcement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) has been implemented to better secure your accounts. 2FA can be activated on the User Details page.


improvement The summary page for IP Blocks/Prefixes has been changed, so that it shows more relevant information (organization name, ports and hostnames).

Release: May 29, 2020 - P2P downloads, Redirects Page & More

Surface Browser

announcement A new page has been added that shows P2P downloads of an IP address 

announcement A new page has been introduced which shows all hostnames which redirect to a company domain

improvement The search bar in SurfaceBrowser has been updated for a more fine-grained search experience

improvement  The Host page in SurfaceBrowser has been updated to provide more navigation options

fix  An issue with the width of table columns where ports are displayed has been resolved for a smoother user-experience


improvement  A wizard to generate URLs has been added to the Subdomains feed page


announcement A new call has been introduced to return associated IPs of a company

improvement  A flag (children_only) was added to the subdomains API call, which allows to filter for children subdomains only.

Release: May 19, 2020 - Company Acquisitions, Sub-organizations, Activity & More


announcement New Company Acquisitions page

For each company you search for, there is a new section under "Associations" which includes and acquisitions that the company has completed and the date they completed it.

To get there in SurfaceBrowser, search for a company in the top search bar and select "Mergers & Acquisitions" in the bottom left of the side navigation bar under "Associations".

announcement  New “Suborganizations” page

announcement New Activity page for a company 

See new subdomains created in order of creation date.  This is a great view to understand what recent changes a company is making to the technologies they use. 

To get there, inside of SurfaceBrowser, search for a company in the top search bar and then click "Activity" under the "Domain" section of the side navigation.

improvement Better Company Searching

Search for a partial keyword to see all companies that match using our custom ranking algorithm.

To see it in action, search for a partial keyword - like "safe" in SurfaceBrowser, and then select the "More Results" link

improvement  SSL box added to the IP summary page with more detailed information on certs

improvement   Improved performance of the SSL tab on the company page when the number of certificates is huge

improvement  The definitions of colors for WHOIS History on the company page are clarified

improvement  New and improved downloads! Rebuilt from the ground up with improved performance, stability, and you can now download most filtered results

fix  The Historical DNS table now has a sharable URL

fix Improved the accuracy of the Stats page on the SecurityTrails website

fix The Company page sidebar now correctly shows the count of SSL certs

fix The Company summary page now hides cards with information that is currently unavailable


fix  Improved the consistency of empty records for the Domain Details endpoint. Null values are returned now, instead of empty JSON objects.


fix The domain feed page would sometimes crash when selecting the historical feed, this bug is now fixed

ASR Release: April - Automated Searches & More

announcement Rules functionality update. Run Rule(s) now does an in-background scan of your search(es) by doing automatic record discovery and it does add all new records to the project inventory with the follow-up email with changes.

Email preview of Run All Rules option

improvement Open ports preview fix on ASR Explorer and Inventories

(If there are more than 3 IPs, show open ports details within modal next to the each IP)

fix  Fix Inventory exports

fix  Fix mass tag assignment glitch 

Release: April 13, 2020 - Mergers & Acquisitions, SSL Certs & More


announcement  New Mergers and Aquisitions section added to the company page

announcement New SSL section added to the company page

improvement The IP page now shows a tag denoting private and/or bogon IPs

improvement SSL Certs now also appear on the new IP page


fix Fixed an issue with the first_seen field not displaying correctly


fix Fixed an issue that caused domain feed stats to disappear for some users

fix Fixed an issue that caused inconsistent loading on the Stats page

Release: March 26, 2020 - Various Improvements & More


announcement SurfaceBrowser now properly supports domains with an umlaut

announcement  New samples dropdown to give users quick access to test the new IP toolset

improvement Added the ability to view the rendered and raw JSON open port data in a modal on the new IP page

improvement Various visual improvements to the new IP page

improvement The IP block page now has improved accuracy

improvement User-Agents for IP search now only return unique values per day

improvement IP Block now displays User-Agent counts in an easier to read format

improvement Forward DNS data is now more accurate on the new IP page

improvement Improved the accuracy when fetching company logos

improvement  Enhanced the design of the company summary page sidebar

fix Fixed an edge-case that could cause the final registrar record in a filtered search to appear blank

fix Removed the IP search box from the IP page

ASR Release: March - Major UI Redesign & More

improvement New general UI/UX redesign 

Summary page
Summaries page

ASR page
ASR Explorer page

improvement  Data caching update - New system for caching which supports partial data caching which keeps loading time significantly lower

fix Add data pagination on Vulnerabilities

fix Tag Cloud - Total tags count per category has been updated and more accurate 

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