Associated Domains with Subdomains

Changelog February 14, 2022

  • NEW!A new template rule has been added to Attack Surface Intelligence. Using Associated Domains with Subdomains automatically populates projects with all hostnames related to your target company.

Now it's possible to expand your Attack Surface analysis efforts by scanning not only the project's domain name and their associated domains, but also every subdomain associated with all the target's related domains.

Changelog February 3, 2022

Bug Fix Fixed a bug that caused the Attack Surface product to display content with a reverse ascending sort order. Content in Attack Surface should now display with desc. order again

Changelog February 2, 2022

Improvement Browser session timeout has been extended to a 6 hour session

improvement Made some visual improvements to the on hover effects for application ports in Explorer Beta 

bug fix Fixed an issue in with Explorer Beta that caused screenshots to sometimes not display a hostname

ASR Technologies & IP-Blocks Downloads

Happy Lunar New Year!

We've been hard at work getting ready for some new features. Today we're releasing the following

ASR Detailed Application View added to the Beta Explorer Screenshots page. Users with access to our Beta Explorer can begin testing out our new Detailed Application View by clicking on an item. Doing so will bring up a new modal with more detailed information on a given application

IP-Blocks Downloads IP-Blocks downloads were completely reworked to improve the performance of the download operation. This is available once again inside SurfaceBrowser in the following path  /app/sb/domain/[domain]/ip-blocks

Activity Heatmap has been added to surfaceBrowser /app/sb/domain/[domain]/activity

Bug Fix We also fixed an issue with the subdomains endpoint that was not properly filtering the children_only query param

Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication!

It's time again for a big announcement!

We’re excited to announce our new SSO authentication system. This release includes Okta as the first integration for all SecurityTrails teams that utilize Okta for SSO.

You can find all details on how to enable SSO in your account here.

Stay tuned for more SSO integration announcements soon.

Several UI Improvements!

new ui improvements!

It's time again for some exciting news! Several User Interface improvements were deployed and here's a summary of what's been done:
  • Updated SurfaceBrowser™ navigation to streamline exploratory items into "Browse"
  • New, fresh icons on the SurfaceBrowser™ home page
  • Updates to the Attack Surface Reduction nodes report nodes report

New UI light/dark mode styling available

ANNOUNCEMENTIt's time again for some very exciting news! 
Whether you're a fan of light or dark mode, both options are available today in SecurityTrails™ Free App, ASR, SurfaceBrowser, and User Console.

Easily configurable styling change is available at each page footer, after clicking the switch.

Your preferences will be saved in your profile and can be changed anytime.

New SecurityTrails™ SQL API

announcement Exciting news!! Our new SQL API endpoint is launched.
This replaces any prototype DSLv2 endpoints and is production-ready.  
Please contact sales if you'd like to subscribe to it (it's not currently included in retail packages)

You'll be able to:

  • Use SQL-like language to query our database in a very convenient and fast way.
  • Enjoy swift response times, with multiple fields to query our entire dataset (often under 50ms).
  • Obtain a JSON-formatted response for you to parse, transform and enhance the data.
  • Shape your query using our SurfaceBrowser SQL Explorer and use it in the API.

Check these links for documentation, and a full reference or properties and operators.

April 6, 2021 - New ASR summary

announcement The summary page in ASR has been updated to include more data

improvement A new setting has been added to enable/disable compression for downloads.
improvement The SQL has been updated. Several boolean values (is_anycast, is_local and is_bogon) have been corrected and the JARM value is now available as ip.jarm
fix A bug on the DNS history page has been resolved that caused inaccurate results.

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