Changelog October 10, 2022

  • announcement New Rules Reasons tooltip added to the hostname and IP asset modal in Attack Surface Intelligence
  • fix Updating a rule that doesn’t exist should now errors out “Rule to update not found”
  • fix Added a missing exception catch for IP ranges with nil values
  • fix Fixed a bug that caused Surface Browser to return data from previous searches
  • fix  New error handling for 400 missing screenshot
  • fix Fixed an issue where the SQL template scrollbar wouldn’t update after resizing the editor
  • fix Fixed an issue where error messages wouldn’t properly clear when creating a new rule from template
  • fix Fixed a visual bug with the no projects found image not properly aligning
  • fix Fixed a visual CSS bug with the padding on the bottom of a “show more” button. The button should no longer get visually cut off

Changelog August 18, 2022

  • announcement Project Risk History has been added as a new tab in ASI Risk Rules. Check out the history of added and cleared risks for your projects
  • improvement  Risk Rules “Filters” have been renamed to “Mutes” for better clarity. 
  • improvement  The Risk Rules Filter/Mutes and signature search button have also moved to the dropdown menu in Risk Rules to clean up the interface a bit

  • improvement  References in Risk Rules are now, by default, set to be hidden behind a “show/hide” link

  • improvement  Made some minor visual improvements to the layout of the ASI project listing page
  • improvement  Added a subtle separator to the screenshot section of risk rules for a better visual experience

  • fix  Fixed an issue where Historical WHOIS could display the Registrar name as null instead of giving the full name

Changelog Aug 3, 2022

  • announcement  Risk Rules History API<project-id>/activity 
  • fix  User can no longer adjust settings if they shouldn’t have access to the settings Console page
  • fix  Fixed an issue where Historical DNS records weren’t showing up on the Free App

Changelog July 14, 2022

  • announcement  ASI Signature search. Users must have the asi_signature_search feature to view the modal in the Risk Rules section of ASI

  • announcement  Risk History by Host. You can now view more than just the active risks for individual hosts in the risks hosts popup modal

Changelog June 30, 2022

  • fix Now translate punycode to unicode in the SQL query responses
  • fix Removed Top Level Domains (TLDs) from Feeds
  • fix Fixed an issue that caused the dropdown menu for Risk Rules filters to be disabled if a Rule by Issue was expanded
  • fix Fixed an issue that caused the SurfaceBrowser app to freeze when searching for a keyword instead of a valid domain
  • fix ASI rule templates now properly translate unicode into punycode for the backend to process
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