Changelog October 10, 2022

  • announcement New Rules Reasons tooltip added to the hostname and IP asset modal in Attack Surface Intelligence
  • fix Updating a rule that doesn’t exist should now errors out “Rule to update not found”
  • fix Added a missing exception catch for IP ranges with nil values
  • fix Fixed a bug that caused Surface Browser to return data from previous searches
  • fix  New error handling for 400 missing screenshot
  • fix Fixed an issue where the SQL template scrollbar wouldn’t update after resizing the editor
  • fix Fixed an issue where error messages wouldn’t properly clear when creating a new rule from template
  • fix Fixed a visual bug with the no projects found image not properly aligning
  • fix Fixed a visual CSS bug with the padding on the bottom of a “show more” button. The button should no longer get visually cut off

Changelog September 1, 2022

  • improvementSome general improvements have been added to ASI Static Assets including
    • Bulk Delete
    • Asset Counts
    • Delete confirmations
    • Asset Added Dates
    • Improved Readability

  • fix  Fixed an issue that caused the Admin Pages tab in Remote Access ASI to throw a 5xx error
  • fix  Fixed an issue with the count being inaccurate on the Admin Pages tab in Remote Access ASI. The number should be consistent now across the interface

Changelog August 18, 2022

  • announcement Project Risk History has been added as a new tab in ASI Risk Rules. Check out the history of added and cleared risks for your projects
  • improvement  Risk Rules “Filters” have been renamed to “Mutes” for better clarity. 
  • improvement  The Risk Rules Filter/Mutes and signature search button have also moved to the dropdown menu in Risk Rules to clean up the interface a bit

  • improvement  References in Risk Rules are now, by default, set to be hidden behind a “show/hide” link

  • improvement  Made some minor visual improvements to the layout of the ASI project listing page
  • improvement  Added a subtle separator to the screenshot section of risk rules for a better visual experience

  • fix  Fixed an issue where Historical WHOIS could display the Registrar name as null instead of giving the full name

Changelog Aug 3, 2022

  • announcement  Risk Rules History API<project-id>/activity 
  • fix  User can no longer adjust settings if they shouldn’t have access to the settings Console page
  • fix  Fixed an issue where Historical DNS records weren’t showing up on the Free App

Changelog July 21, 2022

  • improvement Refactored the old dropdown component in SurfaceBrowser. All dropdowns should function as before. This is an internal improvement
  • fix Punycode/Unicode translation has been added to ASI exports by adding a new field hostname_unicode to avoid breaking external integrations
  • fix Fixed an issue with the search button on some pages having undefined properties. Search should be working as expected now

Changelog July 14, 2022

  • announcement  ASI Signature search. Users must have the asi_signature_search feature to view the modal in the Risk Rules section of ASI

  • announcement  Risk History by Host. You can now view more than just the active risks for individual hosts in the risks hosts popup modal

Changelog June 13, 2022

  • Announcement 
    • The Risks tab of ASI Projects has been officially depreciated. You can find similar features with improved performance in the Risk Rules tab
    • Self-Signed Certs can now be found as a Risk Rule named Hosts with Self-Signed SSL/TLS Certificates
    • Staging and Dev Subdomains can now be found as a Risk Rule named Development Infrastructure Exposure
    • Finally, Open Ports can now be found in the new Database Open Ports Risk Rule that has been updated to use ASI snapshots. It looks a little different than the previous two rules but it’s increased accuracy and confidence has improved thanks to its use of ASI snapshots

    Associated Domains with Subdomains

    Changelog February 14, 2022

    • NEW!A new template rule has been added to Attack Surface Intelligence. Using Associated Domains with Subdomains automatically populates projects with all hostnames related to your target company.

    Now it's possible to expand your Attack Surface analysis efforts by scanning not only the project's domain name and their associated domains, but also every subdomain associated with all the target's related domains.

    Changelog February 2, 2022

    Improvement Browser session timeout has been extended to a 6 hour session

    improvement Made some visual improvements to the on hover effects for application ports in Explorer Beta 

    bug fix Fixed an issue in with Explorer Beta that caused screenshots to sometimes not display a hostname

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