Release August 14, 2020 - Hosting History visualization, Associated Domains

With this release, a new visualization that helps to understand where a domain has been hosted has been released. Additionally, we make a new version of associated domains available to interested customers. The last big change of this release is that visitors are now required to login to see additional data. 


announcement We are happy to announce that we are able to release the next version of our associated domains algorithm as a preview to interested customers. If you are interested in trying out the next version, please contact support.

improvement The IP search endpoint now also returns the ports attribute even if we have not detected an open port.


announcement We have introduced a new visualization on the host DNS history page to better understand where a domain has been hosted.

improvement We added the tags, we introduced in the last release, to the activity page.

improvement We added the possibility to download the results to the SSL certificates page and to the Domains Modal on the IP blocks page.

Improvement: On the IP page we now show if we have detected that an IP is anycast.

improvement On multiple pages we have changed the sorting algorithm so that more popular hostnames and domains are shown first.

improvement In the preview SQL explorer feature we improved usability. It is now possible to send the query by pressing CTRL+Enter. Also, an anycast flag and open page rank has been added to the queriable data.

improvement It is now possible to see the latest release notes on the homepage of SurfaceBrowser.

fix Multiple issues with our 2-Factor Authentication implementation have been resolved.


announcement The website now requires you to login to view more data.