Release July 30, 2020 - Tags and ASN

With this release, we introduce tags for hostnames. Tags describe that hostname. E.g., it might show that a hostname is using a certain SaaS. Also, a filter has been introduced which allows searching for hostnames that are hosted on a certain Autonomous System (AS).


announcement We added tags to the host pages. Tags describe the hostname.

announcement In the domain search it is now possible to add AS number (ASN) filters.

improvement Search boxes have been introduced on the RedirectsReverse DNS, and Associated Domains page to filter current results easily.

improvement New improvements and bug fixes have been added to the preview user interface of the SQL-like language: Improved documentation, better date representation, improved navigation, the possibility to download the results, fixed some attributes (is_bogon, is_local).

fix A bug has been fixed that showed too many redirects on the Redirects page.


announcement For the domain search API endpoint a new asn keyword has been introduced.

fix Inconsistencies for port data in different API endpoints have been removed.