Release: January 8, 2020 - General Apps Improvements & More

Surface Browser

improvement  New download button on the hostnames popup modal - when exploring IP Blocks for a domain

improvement  The graph for Summary by Similar records is now responsive

improvement  Added a redirect page with suggested results when an invalid search has been executed

fix  Fixed an issue that could cause a 500 error when loading a direct URL

fix Fixed some spacing issues on the subdomain summary graphs


improvement Added the number of subdomains available to download from the subdomain tab

fix Some users could have experienced a broken API request volumes graph on the Usage Stats page.

fix Fixed an issue that could cause some users to not see mouseover dates on the daily usage graph

fix Document title now properly updates on the subscription page after selecting the free plan

Free App

improvement Support for IP Blocks in the IP Neighbors button

improvement  Improved the rendering of IP Block results when in /list/ip/{ip}/{block}

fix Fixed an issue where some enterprise users might see limited access to the subdomains grid. This issue was only present on the Free App

fix Added a redirect to /list/ip/{ip}/{block} instead of /domain/{ip}/{block}/dns when searching IP Blocks using the search bar on the website or directly from the app