Release September 10, 2020 - Host Page Improvement, Egress Activity

In this release we focused on improving the host page by adding additional information. Additionally we reintroduced the Egress Activity which shows whether we are aware of egress traffic from a specific IP or subnet.


improvement On the host page we show more data about crawls. Furthermore, we now also show WHOIS data and redirects on the hosts page.

improvement Egress activity has been reintroduced. It shows whether we are aware of egress traffic from an IP or subnet.

improvement On the Activity page the download possiblity has been added.

improvement On the SSL page of a company precertificates are marked as such. Also the SSL certificate detail page has been improved.

improvement Several improvements have been made on the preview version of SQL explorer such as renaming attributes and improving documentation.


improvement if-none-match header support has been added to the feed endpoints.

improvement Firehose and Feed endpoints do not count towards the quota anymore.

Release August 28, 2020 - Certificate Transparency Firehose, SSL Certificates, DMARC feed

With this release we added a new Certificate Transparency (CT) log firehose endpoint. It allows you to stream CT log entries we encountred. Additionally we also added a DMARC feed, which offer the latest new DMARC records. In SurfaceBrowser we added a new SSL Certificate Details page.


announcement We introduced a new firehose endpoint that streams Certificate Transparency log entries we encountered. This endpoint is available as an addon.

announcement A new DMARC feed endpoint is available. It allows to download new daily DMARC entries. This endpoint is available as an addon.

  fix  Some content-type headers have been adjusted to reflect the type of data they are returning.


announcement A new SSL certificate detail page has been introduced, which allows the users to view the contents of the certificate.

improvement The activity page has been updated to include additional information about the hostname.

fix We resolved an issue where certain search terms generated an error.

fix Various issues for SQL have been resolved and improvements have been made, such as more examples have been added.

Release August 14, 2020 - Hosting History visualization, Associated Domains

With this release, a new visualization that helps to understand where a domain has been hosted has been released. Additionally, we make a new version of associated domains available to interested customers. The last big change of this release is that visitors are now required to login to see additional data. 


announcement We are happy to announce that we are able to release the next version of our associated domains algorithm as a preview to interested customers. If you are interested in trying out the next version, please contact support.

improvement The IP search endpoint now also returns the ports attribute even if we have not detected an open port.


announcement We have introduced a new visualization on the host DNS history page to better understand where a domain has been hosted.

improvement We added the tags, we introduced in the last release, to the activity page.

improvement We added the possibility to download the results to the SSL certificates page and to the Domains Modal on the IP blocks page.

Improvement: On the IP page we now show if we have detected that an IP is anycast.

improvement On multiple pages we have changed the sorting algorithm so that more popular hostnames and domains are shown first.

improvement In the preview SQL explorer feature we improved usability. It is now possible to send the query by pressing CTRL+Enter. Also, an anycast flag and open page rank has been added to the queriable data.

improvement It is now possible to see the latest release notes on the homepage of SurfaceBrowser.

fix Multiple issues with our 2-Factor Authentication implementation have been resolved.


announcement The website now requires you to login to view more data.

Release July 30, 2020 - Tags and ASN

With this release, we introduce tags for hostnames. Tags describe that hostname. E.g., it might show that a hostname is using a certain SaaS. Also, a filter has been introduced which allows searching for hostnames that are hosted on a certain Autonomous System (AS).


announcement We added tags to the host pages. Tags describe the hostname.

announcement In the domain search it is now possible to add AS number (ASN) filters.

improvement Search boxes have been introduced on the RedirectsReverse DNS, and Associated Domains page to filter current results easily.

improvement New improvements and bug fixes have been added to the preview user interface of the SQL-like language: Improved documentation, better date representation, improved navigation, the possibility to download the results, fixed some attributes (is_bogon, is_local).

fix A bug has been fixed that showed too many redirects on the Redirects page.


announcement For the domain search API endpoint a new asn keyword has been introduced.

fix Inconsistencies for port data in different API endpoints have been removed.

Release: July 17, 2020 - Preview of new Query Language

We are excited to release the first preview version of the new query language which is currently available at request for our SurfaceBrowser customers. The language allows querying our data with an SQL similar syntax. 


announcement A new preview user interface has been added which allows querying our data with a SQL similar syntax. (This feature is available on request)

improvement Downloads have been made available for the redirects page.

fix A problem has been resolved that prevented users from downloading the results when a registrar filter has been set.

fix A bug was fixed that showed wrong last seen dates in the DNS history

Release: June 30, 2020 - Multiple API keys

Today, we have launched a new functionality to allow you to have multiple API keys in the same account, keep a memo for each key as well as delete API keys.  This will allow you to regenerate an API key any time. We published step-by-step instructions how to re-generate your API keys here.


announcement Multiple API key support has been added.

Release: June 25, 2020 - Company Details API Endpoint

After the last release which introduced Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), the implementation has been improved with this release. Also, a new API endpoint has been added which returns details about companies.


announcement A new API endpoint has been added. As a first step the endpoint returns the name of the company. Further information about the company will be added.


improvement The homepage now also displays the latest blog posts.

announcement A new query language is currently being developed. This language allows easier access to our data. We are looking for curious people who want to take part in a prerelease test and give us feedback on this feature. If you are interested please contact support.


improvement The Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) implementation has been improved by e.g., adding the possibility to bypass 2FA checks at login for 30 days.

Release: June 11, 2020 - Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

After many customer requests Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) has been a focus of this release. We are happy to announce that 2FA is available to all our customers. Currently we support TOTP (e.g., Google Authenticator) as the second factor.


announcement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) has been implemented to better secure your accounts. 2FA can be activated on the User Details page.


improvement The summary page for IP Blocks/Prefixes has been changed, so that it shows more relevant information (organization name, ports and hostnames).

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