Release January 6, 2020 - ASRv2

In this release we introduce ASRv2 - our attack surface reduction tool. It allows you to assess your attack surface accessible from the internet in one application. Our ASR user interface allows you to proactively monitor critical assets of your company.

Gather all possible information related to your company. This feature will bring all discovered hostnames such as the most common ones (like your web and mail server) plus additional ones that may exist or be forgotten. It allows you to look at and review your infrastructure from a different angle.

Get proactive alerts when your infrastructure changes are detected. This is especially useful to notice unwanted/malicious new configurations that could be silently made by error/misconfiguration or an attacker in control of your DNS zones.

Understand the different security risks that your company may be facing. It will provide you an additional insight of those services that could be harmful and should be reviewed.

Get a grasp of your internet-facing infrastructure by having a detailed inventory. ASR shows you selected services and configurations that could be intersting to understand your company's attack surface.

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