Release September 10, 2020 - Host Page Improvement, Egress Activity

In this release we focused on improving the host page by adding additional information. Additionally we reintroduced the Egress Activity which shows whether we are aware of egress traffic from a specific IP or subnet.


improvement On the host page we show more data about crawls. Furthermore, we now also show WHOIS data and redirects on the hosts page.

improvement Egress activity has been reintroduced. It shows whether we are aware of egress traffic from an IP or subnet.

improvement On the Activity page the download possiblity has been added.

improvement On the SSL page of a company precertificates are marked as such. Also the SSL certificate detail page has been improved.

improvement Several improvements have been made on the preview version of SQL explorer such as renaming attributes and improving documentation.


improvement if-none-match header support has been added to the feed endpoints.

improvement Firehose and Feed endpoints do not count towards the quota anymore.